Mike and Olivier are gone since this june 2009,

A Messiah and a Mahdi of their own in a line

The Inheritance was due to a young Prince

Learning how to follow the Path with a Vince

Now Mic has turned evil and from defectuous software

He want to kill us, Believers, in an infectuous soft way

A Man created virus calling for a vaccine causing a mess

Changing our Natural immunity to dependance to drugness

Time of Boycott is coming to destroy this false god

Like David and Goliath, we need to fight against the odd

The Real MIC is awaiting along with a Hollyway

For the new World of Economic and Ecologic Day

Urging us to be what we have always been and forgot

Boys and Girls from the same Source as a simple Clot

Despised people in front of Notables’ vanity

But sill important in the eyes of The Divinity.

We are a World of Creatures in an humanoid form

Ready to set our Trust in our Lords to perform

The last dance of human, as Sons of Adam

Through a Gate closed to a Bill bound to a Flame

It’s Mic and his Only Way vs MIC and Holyway

Within the Santal on Earth and Astral in the Sky.

Amin. ATA.


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