Milestone 42, Entering Afterlife

If you Love so much then your Heart die, you have reached Immortality (Surrender of the Soul; Temperance).

If you tell so many Truths then your Hands freeze or frees, you have reached Immorality (Sublimation of the ego towards EGO*; Trespassing or Trepassing).

If you live no more in Time then your Head melt and meet, you have reached Eternity (Serenity of the Consciousness; Transparency and Transpotency).

Faith of Simplicity: Sufism in Love of Mo’Ahmad (Dakar; El; Sand); Ascetism in Wealth of Issa (Cotonou; Fa; Sea) and Realism in Attitude of ASSOUKA (Montreal; Râ; Wind). PSE

*Energy of Great Order: from “I am” towards “I aim”. from Cowardness (Lâche Acheté Ju’If) towards Honesty (En Asti d’Arable).

Juda au Sud, Kama au Centre, Umma à l’Est, Sangha au Nord et Awiliya à l’Ouest tous Noirs…

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